More than just a box

Meet the hearts behind My Little Tea Spot

How it all began

We are a Mother/Daughter team with a heart for missions. Cynthia (Mom) grew up on the mission field in Quito, Ecuador. Ashley (Daughter), loved hearing her Mom's stories and has chosen life on the mission field in different capacities. She has traveled to Ecuador, China, Mongolia, Switzerland, and Albania just in the last several years.

My Little Tea Spot was birthed from a heart for missions. When Ashley was 4 years old, she said "When I am grown up I am going to be a missionary to China and when I return I am starting a tea room and calling it My Little Tea Spot!"

What started out as a tea room out of our home in 2016, has grown into a subscription box business of Scones and Tea for missions.

Why Scones & Tea?

Nothing is nicer than sharing a scone and a cup of tea with a friend. At My Little Tea Spot, we like to share with our friends about all the great missions and ministries that are happening all over the world. You can create your own My Little Tea Spot in your home through a purchase of a My Little Tea Spot Box. You too can share with your friends about all the great missions going on in the world!